Squirmy Wormy Bites

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Bye-bye worms! You’re outta here.

This treat is comprised of several traditional herbs used to discourage and/or kill pesky parasites from seeking residence in their host’s digestive tract.

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Bye-bye worms! You’re outta here.

This treat is comprised of several traditional herbs used to discourage and/or kill pesky parasites from seeking residence in their host’s digestive tract and to help the body destroy parasite eggs it comes in contact with.

Suggested Squirmy Wormy “bite” size: Begin by giving the recommended quantity of bites twice a day for 3-5 days, then give recommended quantity of bites once per week.

  • ½ treat for animals up to 35 lbs
  • 1 treat for animals 35-75 lbs
  • 2 treats for animals 75-100 lbs
  • 3 treats for animals 100-200 lbs

Ingredients: water, flax meal, spinach powder, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, mullein, fennel, ginger, cloves, wormwood, hyssop, pumpkin seeds, thyme, cayenne

Safe For: Livestock, poultry, and pets, including pregnant and nursing animals. Get more information about deworming with wormwood in our FAQs.

This product is made with Fir Meadow’s DWorm™ Formula. Contains 72 bites.


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5 reviews for Squirmy Wormy Bites

  1. Janet Garman (verified owner)

    My goats are loving these treats. I don’t have to convince any of the herd to take one. The hardest part is making sure that everyone gets one and nobody sneaks their face back in for a second helping! We had no digestive upsets or any problems at all since starting use of the Squirmy Wormy treats. I have no doubt that this will help keep the intestinal and digestive tract healthier and less attractive to parasitic worms

  2. Brittany Bunch (verified owner)

    Completely honest review…Half of my goats loved these right-off; the other half – not so much. By the end of the starter period, everyone loved them, though! It was well worth the fight of getting them in those who did not like the treats at first. We did find that wrapping them in a piece of bread worked great for a couple of our more stubborn girls.

    These treats themselves are amazing! We have had parasite issues for a while that nothing would touch (natural or pharmaceutical.) The results have been wonderful. Our goats look healthier than they have in months – and happier, too. I have given these to my dogs, my cats, and my chickens, too. Also with wonderful results!

    I am very grateful for these treats to be a natural option for parasite control. We are spreading them around to all of our friends to make sure they know about them as well.

  3. southernbell9000 (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about the squirmy wormy goat treats but the girls at the HOA conference were so nice and knowledgeable that I decided to give the treats a try. I’m so glad I did! I was having issues with worms in two of my goats. I was worming them every month. Since giving them the treats I haven’t wormed them once! I love this product and have recommended it to my goat friends. I really appreciate how easy it is to give the goats the treats instead of trying to catch them to give the chemical wormer.

  4. Sharon Beierman

    I love these! So easy to keep my goats wormed and healthy. They all know as soon as they hear me opening the bag to give them their treats and they come running for their share. No more fighting to get wormer down them anymore.

  5. Kimberly Phelps (verified owner)

    My 2 wethers love these. I’ve tried store bought pellets for worming and they won’t touch them. I have no problem giving these and eager to keep them healthy.

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