How many bites come in a package?

All the packages contain 72 goat treat bites.


How long will a package last?

Well, that depends not only on the size of your goat, but the amount of goats you are treating. One package of herbal bites will provide an adult Nigerian Dwarf or other small breed goat 72 doses, 144 doses for a goat kid under 35 lbs, and 36 doses for most standard sized goats. The amount of doses you will need over the course of the month depends on which herbal bite you are getting. We have listed “suggested bite size” on each product description so you can calculate how long a package should last.


Can goats overdose on herbal supplements?

Yes, but it is worth noting that it would be nearly impossible for your goat to get enough supplements in their system, especially in this treat form. A goat would most likely suffer from bloat from overeating before they ever had a negative indication from the supplements inside.

One common concern regarding herbs in our treats is wormwood. There is some controversy about it’s safety during the beginning stages of pregnancy. If you are uncomfortable with providing wormwood to your pregnant doe, you can cease using Squirmy Wormy until your doe’s 3rd month of pregnancy. Just make sure to do the starter dose (twice a day for five days) again when you are ready to commence use. You can also use diatomaceous earth throughout pregnancy and begin using Squirmy Wormy after your doe kids.


Do you offer wholesale?

We are hoping to offer wholesale to distributors shortly, but while we are starting up, we cannot handle the demand it would require. Please be sure to check back again at a later date.



How is shipping calculated?

All shipping prices are calculated automatically based on weight and package size by the USPS. We don’t charge handling.


Do you offer local pickup?

Please contact us to discuss local pickup.


How soon will I get my delivery? Do you provide tracking?

We ship via Priority Mail, so your package should arrive within 1-3 days from the time it leaves here. Orders received by 5:00PM EST will be shipped the next business day.


My package arrived damaged. What do I need to do?

Please take your package and contents to your local post office. They will help you file a claim.


Do you offer returns?

For bio-security reasons, we cannot accept returns of opened products. If you feel there is a problem with your order, please contact us so we can make it right with you.



Why is copper and selenium important? How do I know if I need it?

The soil across most of North America is copper and selenium deficient, therefore growing deficient plants. Selenium deficiency is mostly noted during and after pregnancy both in the doe and any resulting kids. Deficient does will have trouble getting pregnant and maintaining pregnancy. Kids will be born stillborn or weak. Copper is responsible for the pigmentation of hair, a dull and faded coat is often the first sign of copper deficiency in goats. Signs of deficiency may also include hair loss around the face, a bald or “fishtail” tail tip, and pregnancy loss. For more information, click here.

What’s the deal with Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV)?

Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus has been lurking around the goat world for many years, but many goat keepers still aren’t familiar with it. It’s an important virus to know about in case you ever have to deal with it yourself. Here’s where you can get all the details.


Can you recommend a good teat wash that’s bleach-free?

We certainly can! This homemade teat wash uses the power of essential oils.


What should I have in my goat’s medicine cabinet?

When we first began raising goats, we were not prepared for just how sensitive they can be health-wise. Goats can fall deathly ill very quickly and often require immediate treatment to save their lives. Often times, there’s not even time to consult a vet or get to the store. When keeping goats, it’s essential to keep what you need on hand to treat a wide variety of goat emergencies and illness. Here is what we suggest you have on hand specifically for treating goats in situations of illness or injury.


What should I know before I decide to purchase a Nigerian Dwarf?

You need two or more goats. One goat is a sad goat, which will make you a regretful goat owner. You’ll also need the right kinds of feed for your goats. I highly suggest providing entertainment as well. Bored goats are goats that escape. See what we deem the most important things to know before bringing home a Nigerian Dwarf (or any breed goat) here and here.

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