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The healthier way to “treat” your goat.
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We want to make treating your goats herbally an easy and convenient process.

Our Ingredients

All of our goat treats are homemade in small batches using high-quality, natural ingredients.

Our Fans

Our biggest fans are goats, but they can’t type, so we have owner testimonials for you. Read


How to Assist in the Birth of a Goat Kid (or sheep)

The majority of the time, your goat doesn’t need you and will kid during the one moment you turn your back. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way 100% of the time. No matter how seasoned you are with goats, you probably live in fear of the time where the doe really does need your help when she gives birth.

How to Raise Goats Without Going Broke

I heard that goats were a great addition to the homestead because they practically pay for themselves. Between milk savings and the money you get from selling goat kids, we would hardly shell out anything to keep these goats. Ha! I’m glad I had heard the same information about chickens several years before and debunked it, so I knew to take this wisdom with a grain of salt. Honestly, the idea that raising goats will “break even” is laughable.

How to Build a Sleeping Shelf for Your Goats

Let’s face it. Our goats are more than just livestock. They’re spoiled rotten. Often the TLC we provide does more than spoil the goats, though, it offers health benefits as well. It’s it awesome when it happens that way? That happens to be the case with a sleeping shelf. Joint support and foot rot prevention are just a couple of the reasons why your goats will benefit from a shelf.

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