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Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are raised as naturally as possible. For that reason, we love using herbal supplements in place of chemical treatments. One thing about herbal supplements that we didn’t love was the fact that they aren’t always easy to use. For instance, transferring the powders from the pouch they came in into a mason jar to keep them fresh, having a variety of measuring spoons in the barn for measuring out correct doses, trying to get the powder out of the bottom of the jar with some level of grace when supplies are getting low, remembering which bowl goes to which goat, and noticing that there’s a layer of dust at the bottom of the bowls after the goats finish. Did they get a whole dose?

In an attempt to work smarter and not harder, I created herbal goat treats. The goats loved them and so did I. They really were a healthier (and easier) way to treat my goats. When I started telling everyone about these treats, they wanted some too. And so began BiteMe! Goat Treats.

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